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Batch Production

Batch production is a manufacturing method used in where production has to be controlled and managed by batch to batch. Process oriented manufacturing units in sector like pharmaceuticals, food, paints, FMCG and chemicals are mainly operating through batch production methods. Right from the batch planning, production process may involve deferent stages of operation in between starting to final stage, ie finished goods. In each stage production process may derives some semi finished products then added to additional raw material or ingredients and clubbing semi finished products together then to next stage. This process will continue up to the finished goods. We can analysis the costing factors of each batch along with the raw material consumption. as in each stage of operation there may be cost additions such as material cost, machinery cost, factory overheads and man cost etc.

Batch production planning and costing.
Provision to start and end batch process.
Batch wise material planning.
Batch wise production entry and stock update.
Batch number tracking.
Batch volume and cost analysis.
Batch production statement.
FG grouping and packing process.
Bar-coding facility for packed items.
Supply chain management for raw material procurement.

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