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Benefits of ERP

Organisations those who have implemented ERP solution felt that they have benefited in many ways such as inventory ratio has been decreased substantially, timely information helped to reduce possible loss, cash and fund availability maintained and customer relation has been increased. While analysing ERP implementation, following benefit has been identified.

Data dependability: due to high level integration among departments and business functionalities dependability achieved in data synchronization. The quality and reliability of data is more than that was in an accounting and inventory software.
Communicating: A well designed ERP is capable to communicate from the bottom level of operation to the high level decision making authorities. Transactional communication with vendors and customers, business promotion within the available spectrum is also possible with advanced ERP solutions.
Improved Business Planning: Planning and deployment of resources is getting more meaningful results hence attaining higher profitability
Quantifiability: on ERP implementation, management ability has been increased to add new process or activities. Adding new branches or cost centers are made easy and total controllability over the system has been achieved.
Enhanced reporting: The reporting and business analytical capability has been improved and decision making process has been simplified.
Reducing cost: operational functionalities are chained one by one and connecting all activities in a single solution that provides end to end information on real time. This will eradicate unnecessary delay occurred in non ERP system hence reducing the cost of operations.
Better relation: The relation among vendor and customer has been achieved new era, as the communication properly routed. The deliverability on both ends has been increased and on time delivery assured.
Business analytics: As all data available in a systematic way, more flexible and meaning full analysis is possible. Management information system (MIS) and various analysis reports with graphical representation provide easy analysis of business results.
Data management: As having high level data synchronization in an ERP, data management and data handling is more controllable.
Reduced complexity: Seamless information flow among the operational users is reducing the complexity hence ensuring simplicity.
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