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Over a decade of experience, our implementation method minimizes the complexity as implementation & support of our ERP products and other services are exclusively done by our direct employees who has implemented the system at hundreds of such sites like yours thus providing an economic advantage to your organization.

Once an order is received and confirmed, the very first initiative step from the implementation team is the sending necessary acknowledgments to the customer with hardware and infrastructural requirement required for successful implementation of the ERP software.A project manager representing our organization is appointed who acts as a single point of contact between the organization and the customer. The ERP implementation plan is hand over to the customer that was made my analyzing the requirements of the customers and as per the customization committed.

Final product installation and training date is scheduled and finalized. Necessary softwares are installed required for the working of Integra ERP and user training is given by our trainers.

Our implementation team trains your executives on how to use Integra ERP to achieve your business goals efficiently. The combination of Integra ERP and our implementation team provides you a consistent and accurate implementation within the given time limit.

The nature of an enterprise wide implementation indicates a shortened timeframe and the need to progress at a reasonably rapid pace. The following list outlines the key critical success factors that are needed in an ERP implementation project.


The quality of the project team impacts the quality of the implemented solution. The goal for your organization should be to have the best, most talented resources of the organization dedicated to the Integra ERP implementation. They must be empowered to resolve key issues in a timely manner.


Visible and ongoing management ownership of the project is crucial. Senior management should be active participants in the Project Executive Steering Committee, ensuring that effective decisions take place. Additionally, every Project Team member must feel responsible for the overall success of the project.


This project will bring together resources from many areas of the Lord Krishna Arcade Pvt. Ltd organization, as well as from Integra. The project structure represents various organizational and technical perspectives and must be supported to provide explicit issue resolution and an environment of teamwork.


The boundaries and objectives of this implementation have been clearly defined and communicated in this document. There should be no doubt as to the goals the project needs to achieve and the commitment required for success.

Knowledge Transfer

The transfer of knowledge from the Integra ERP consultants to project teams and to the end user community must be managed effectively. Knowledge of the solution should be viewed as a valuable organizational asset given the potential value and extent of the integration with other processes. Extensive end user training will be required to ensure the successful operation of the Integra ERP installation.


The transition to the Integra solution will involve change in the work environment of both the user and systems personnel. Building commitment to this change is an important responsibility of both the Executive Steering Committee and the project team. Solid acceptance and commitment require time. In addition specific actions must be planned and executed at each stage of the implementation process.


Quick decision-making to resolve issues is critical to meeting project deliverables. All team members must be empowered to make decisions and resolve issues as they arise throughout the project lifecycle Experience has shown that the following additional factors will play a critical role in the success of the Lord Krishna Arcade Pvt. Ltd Integra ERP implementation:

The need to develop a business case with strategic and tangible benefits
Focus on the organization and team scope
Insistence on visible, real, top management involvement during and after the implementation
Adequate emphasis on change management
Implementation of creative project team incentives which extend into the post implementation period
Rigorous project and partner management
Re engineer in correct dosages
Pay attention to demanding training/support needs during and after implementation: train and retrain.
Free exchange of information within the team, and the communication of overall project news throughout the organization.
Use the business case to track performance and manage change
Identify and define ownership of the benefits go beyond sign off
Keep everyone focused on benefits and capabilities, not just the “go-live”
Align expectations of benefits timing at all levels: make the implicit explicit
Extend the planning horizon beyond go-live
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