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Integra ERP implementation Methodologies

The ERP implementation methodology is a phased, process oriented methodology, and is the umbrella for Integra’s toolset that streamlines implementation projects and minimizes risk. The Methodology takes a disciplined step-by-step approach to project management, supporting project teams’ with templates, tools, questionnaires/checklists, including technical guidebooks and accelerators. It empowers companies to exploit the power of the accelerated features and tools already built into Integra ERP Solution.

Integra follows a motto of ON-TIME implementation integrated ERP system ensuring process improvement, data visibility, operating cost reductions, increased responsiveness to customer, and faster and improved decision-making all at an affordable cost.

For faster and effective system deployment and return on investment we follow a structured implementation methodology were business needs of the project that is defined at the beginning.

Benefits of using the methodology include

Faster implementations
More reliable projects by following a structured approach
Lower risk
More efficient use of resources
Reduced costs
Effective project management based on PMI-aligned templates

Century Gate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd Professional Services drives the success of all projects using its methodology, which sequences the entire project lifecycle into five key and non-overlapping phases:


During this phase, project goals, a high level scope and a project plan and the implementation strategy are defined and approved. At the same time, the project procedures, standards, organization and staffing are finalized. Roles and responsibilities of the entire project team are agreed upon and documented as are the deliverables and the appropriate sign off authorities. The Project Charter is documented and signed off as a part of this methodology.


In this phase, all functional and technical key designs are documented in, the Business Solution Design document. This phase is lead by functional and industry experts from Integra’s Professional services. A key part of this process is to conduct a series of requirements and process workshops with all key project resources to ensure the resulting business process design is effective, efficient, simple and complete. An important activity addressed is the data conversion strategy which includes identification of data sources, data cleansing and conversion procedures.


In the implementation phase, the Integra ERP system is configured to meet the solution design requirements as decided in the previous phase. A pilot system is designed which represents the core business process settings. This is verified by the key functional team users assigned to the project. All development such as interfaces, data conversion programs, reports, and any required customizing is built. Legacy data conversion programs are created and tested. Test cases are created along with a test plan, which is used to manage an extensive testing process. All systems are tested thoroughly in this phase using test scripts covering the entire business scenario.


In this phase detailed transition and cutover plans are created and executed. The production system is installed and setup with sample data developed during the project. An internal help desk mechanism to address issues is created as a part of this phase.


An easily accessible production support organization must be in place to support the end user community, not just for the first critical days of production operations, but also for long-term support.

Finally, the completed project is closed, and support responsibility is passed to the internal help desk organization.

The implementation strategy for ERP is solely based on the foundation of people, process and product.

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