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Purchase Management

Integra ERP purchase management

Vendor Management

Vendor means supplier of goods and service to an organization. Integra ERP provides flexible vendor creation and credit control management system. Credit period and credit amount setting will help the management to utilize their fund and inventory properly. In case of import purchase, purchase orders can be processed with respect to vendor currency using multi currency feature of Integra ERP.

Vendor Grading

Vendor grading is an important factor for an organization that have multiple vendors. Vendors are graded by analyzing vendor capability, supply behavior and quality of deliveries etc. Integra ERP provides a mechanism to automatically grade vendors and help to find out preferred vendor for supply of an item. Preferred vendor, who got the 1st grade, will get the privilege to be the number one, and will get the priority during purchase order issue. For calculating vendor grading, supply history of a vendor for a given period is analyzed. In Integra ERP, 8 point criteria has been taken in to consideration such as volume of supply, order delivery ratio, volume per deliveries, promptness of delivery, product pricing, credit facilities, rejection ratio and margin on sales.

Purchase indent

Purchase Indent is a preorder document used to inform the purchase department about the requirements. In manufacturing sector this document is issued by the godown keeper to the purchase department for procuring raw materials and consumables that comes below the reorder levels or the new one required in the production line. Purchase department will issue relevant purchase order to the vendor after due verification. In case of a trading and distribution concern this purchase indent may be used either by the godown in-charge or by the sales men or sales executive.

Purchase order processing

Purchase order, abbreviated as PO is a primary document issued by the purchase department for procuring goods for sales with respect to trading and distribution domain and for procuring raw material for a manufacturing domain. While issuing purchase order, purchase department have to consider various points such as stock position of the items, consumption ratio, purchase cost, sales and purchase orders, pending and vendor analysis etc. Integra ERP provides up-to-date information to the user and facilitates easy processing of purchase orders in accordance to the data availed.

Purchase Order Approvals

PO issuing authority should obtain relevant approval from the concerned higher authorities. Approval limits can spread over the hierarchy according to their position and power. In Integra ERP Automatic message will be delivered to the concerned higher authorizes on real time basis of the operation and an additional notification on login by the user will smoothen this process.

Purchase Scheme management (Back ends)

Suppliers of goods and service may provide promotional schemes to sell out their products to their customers. The promotional benefits may be in the form of cash reversal or additional free products or any other complimentary offers. The promotional benefits are generally received after the declared period or in the next purchase. Integra ERP provides sufficient mechanism to monitor this back end activities and leaves no space for possible losses or unavailing of such benefits.

Landing cost (Purchase costing)

Additional costs or overheads, like packing charges, freight, insurance, loading and unloading charges etc, incurred on purchase of goods and services are called as landing cost. All such cost will be properly accounted during the purchase itself. By doing this process we can understand the actual stock valuation on landing cost and the net margin received on dealing bill of materials. Manual calculation of landing cost is a very complex process as the proportionate cost has to be charged if there are many items in a purchase bill. The proportion varies according to the product cost and the volume in purchase. Integra ERP automates this process and deals with it in an efficient manner.

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