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Service Contract Management

Service Contracts often count for a significant portion of a company’s revenue, but they can also present potential lost productivity and risk due to human error. It helps companies make the most of their contract commitments by automating repetitive and time-sensitive tasks, such as renewal invoicing, and by accelerating complex or tedious tasks such as contract generation and billing scheduling.

  Defines a relationship with the service customer specifying the cost, terms and conditions for such things as telephone Warranty, field repairs, on-site technical Warranty and maintenance

  Allows contracts to include special items that are priced at a fixed amount, applied as percentage uplift, or at a discount to the entire contract. Taxes and trailer charges are fully integrated

  Enables users to define billing cycles—usually monthly, quarterly, or annually—for the contract at multiple levels and release contracts automatically for invoicing according to this billing cycle, creating invoices in the Sales Orders/ Invoices module

  Allows users to extend service coverage with contract renewal functions

  Allows users to generate quotes and send them out for review before renewing contracts

  Allows users to optionally update prices based on current price structures during renewal

  Includes three levels of hierarchy that Warranty two contract designs :
collection of end users with items requiring coverage and collection of items, each with one or more associated end users

  Enables users to design powerful and complex service coverage relationships

  Allows users to choose between billing the contract customer or billing end users

  Generates contract invoices in summarized or detailed format

  Performs billing according to customer requirements based on billing cycle, prorated partial periods and period-based billing features

Fig: Service Contract Management Process Map
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