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Integra ERP Service and Warranty Management (SWM)

INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management (SWM) is the core module of ERP suite and is uniquely suited for manufacturers, as it is deeply integrated with INTEGRA ERP Applications. Customers can rely on INTEGRA SWM to manage all interactions related to the Warranty, maintenance and repair of products, grow revenue, and reduce service costs.

The Value of INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management

Grows customer satisfaction and retention

Grows revenue through enhanced warranty and contract sales

Reduces the cost of warranty and contract administration through automation and complete visibility

Streamlines service-oriented activities ranging from field service (people and parts) to returns to the manufacturer or supplier

Warranty’s optimization of engineer time and service inventories

Key Benefits of INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management

INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing the interactions related to the Warranty, maintenance and repair of products including coverage by warranty or service contract.

INTEGRA SWM helps reduce service costs and dramatically improve the speed of service and Warranty activities.

As an integral part of INTEGRA ERP Applications, SWM benefits from access to INTEGRA ERP Applications data and processes, especially in the areas of master files, inventory management and financials.

Customers rely on INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management to manage all aspects of After-Sales Service and Warranty operations—warranty and service contract tracking and administration, installed base management, incident management, service activity recording and invoicing, and return and repair authorization processing and administration.

Service/Warranty Management:

Allows users to manage after-sales operations, including Warranty and service coverage, pricing, and billing for warranty and contractual Warranty

Covers a broad range of capabilities including Incident Management, Activity Recording and Invoicing, Returns and Repairs, Contract Management, and Installed Base Management

Allows access to enterprise information, product structures, inventory planning, financial activities and more because it is fully integrated with INTEGRA Enterprise Applications

Includes additional options for designing regional contracts, generating contract billing and managing the General Ledger effects of contracts

fig: Service and Warranty Timeline

INTEGRA Service and Warranty Management Core Features

Keeps service administrators, field engineers and resources in sync

Takes advantage of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and utilization

Includes call management functions for call tracking, engineer deployment, item expense labor activity reporting, failure statistics

Warranty’s Return Material Authorizations where items can be returned to be refurbished or replaced, applying warranty and/or contract limits automatically

Triggers invoicing based on warranty/contract limits

Integrates to other inventory and planning functions in INTEGRA ERP Applications

Recall and base customer notification capability

Automates the preventative maintenance activities

Incident Management

Call Management

Activity Recording and Invoicing Management

Installed Base Management

Service Contract Management

Manage Returns and Repair Authorizations

Depot Repair

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