Integra ERP Software

Why Integra ERP ?

One of our trademark products is the Integra ERP which is developed by keeping in mind the exclusivity of the business. Integra ERP is customized as per your business requirements and covering every aspect of your business, thus ensuring consistency and accuracy. It is developed in affordable environment in order to facilitate the ease of use and integration of the software with the currently being used systems in your organization. Integra ERP ensures that the reporting works of the employees at all levels are reduced thus leading a helping hand for employees of your organization. Training is provided to the end-users of the software with an online technical support. And what is more, it is affordable; you will not be required to shell out a fortune for this. Indeed a cost effective alternative.

Why to choose Integra ERP for your business?

Domain Expertise: having long experience in software development and implementation in different vertical, Integra achieved the ability to understand business needs of its customers. While working very close, interaction with its entire level of hierarchy help to analyze the problems they were facing, their need and demand comes in between and the management requirements to run and analyze their business operation. All these helped us to develop one of best ERP solution. During entire development cycle, we motivated to keep practical approach as well as theatrical.
Easy and short Implementation procedures: The software structure and modules are well designed as per the industrial standard. Integra ERP practicing simple installation process, initial requirement gathering and timely customization, well commented training programs are facilitating easy implementation and will go live within a short time.
Customizability: Customisation may need during and after every installation of an ERP. Even though, Integra ERP having a set of ready to configure options to accommodate varying needs of different industries, each customer have their own business practice and taste, that has to accommodate in the software.
Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): Integra ERP implemented companies found that their investment has positive effect in their profitability as the system provides up to dated information on real time operation. Various cost cutting measures and timely communication to its customer helped the organization to regularize fund flow. Mobile apps such as business summery, bill update and graphical representation of margin ensure high level control over the business operation and aided desired growth.
Integration of additional modules: Integra ERP structure leaves power of elastic to adopt modules in any point time without tedious integration process. Administrative control over the configuration and implementation of available modules is very easy.
Highest Performance/Price Ratio: As all modules are tightly integrated, Integra ERP assures effective data synchronisation and smooth operations in both LAN and WAN scenario even with a reasonable connectivity among the installed locations/braches. User can cut down considerably their IT investment, implementation cost and also their operational cost, as the project economically workout to afford tiny, small and medium segments.
Easy to use and the best user interface: completely menu driven user interface in window platform, keep the flexibility in operation
Quality technical support
Configuration based on your company’s work flow
No fixed or mandatory recurring cost
Effective training for users and admin
Support during working hours
Best quality policy
Effective Integration data and logical analysis of Information
Optimum utilization of resources and reduction of operational cost
Enhance organization effectiveness and improved future planning
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